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Contact Us:

For reservations, or more information please contact Robert Ortman.

Phone: 616-550-3131


If you have this agreement with you, signed and ready for us, you can

Just go on in, {the home will be unlocked and prepared for you} call us when

You get there and we will run by and pick up a copy and make sure you have everything you need for an enjoyable week!

In the event you forget this copy, we ask that you wait before going in the

Home, {liability waivers in this agreement are required to be acknowledged,

And agreed upon, prior to accessing our property} please call us upon arrival and we will come by with a generic copy for your signature.

Thanks see you soon!!



NOTE; By accepting this transaction, you do hereby agree to our cancelation policy which states; you are responsible for the gross rental rate, or the entire amount and not just the initial payment/deposit, however, we will refund your monies if we can re-rent your week, minus $200. We are not required to do this, the earlier we learn of your intent to cancel the better our chances are that we will be able to re-rent your week.

In the event you do not agree to this policy please call us within 72 hours of this confirmation.

Please call 616-550-3131 should you have any problem with this transaction…THANKS!

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Welcome        Family to;

8532 West Silver Lake Road,Mears, MI. 49436.

This is to confirm that we processed your credit card whereby reserving the dates of; August 2 and leaving us on the 9th of August. 2014.

We will again debit this card for the balance 30 days prior to your arrival.

***______Initial This is private property, do not invite friends or family to visit, we do not allow unregistered guests from the hotels or the campgrounds, or from home.……. {Without exception, or prior approval from management}By initialing above you do hereby agree to allow us to charge your card $200 for each person over the allotted amount, this for every night these unregistered guest stayed at our property. {This is only to be sure we do not crowd out our other guests.} Only your vehicles and boat trailers, are allowed on the property at anytime, all others will be towed at owner’s expense.


*****We will hold your credit card{s} on file is a cleaning/damage deposit. ******

The cottage will be cleaned, unlocked and ready for you, make yourself at home. We will come looking for you to make sure you have everything you need and to pick up a signed copy of this agreement.

{We need a signed copy of this agreement prior to entering our properties}


**** Initial           we are a party free family oriented organization, you will be required to leave should you opt to party and make noise after 10:00pm

In the event the maids are there, please allow for them to finish their work.

{Subject to rules and conditions as stated below.}

******In the event your car counts change prior to your arrival, call us as we cannot guarantee parking for every vehicle, if you arrive with more than this contact stipulates. We will have mirror tags for each vehicle and trailer -0-car‘s,-1-trucks/Vans/SUV‘s, & -0- boat trailer


DIRECTIONS TO THE COTTAGES: exit at the Hart Exit, {coming from the south you will see an exit for Shelby, but go to the next exit, Hart} at ramp turn left or west to stop sign then turn left again at 4 way in 'down town' Mears turn right, then go about 3 1/2 miles to stop sign turn left. Stay right at curve, then you will be coming on into 'downtown' Silver Lake, at the Pointe {gas station} stay left, go about 1/4 mile and you will see the cottages on your right {bright red with signs by the street which say 'cottages on silver lake' the first set is 8532 {Putzen, Lolleygaggen, and Diddlysquat} then 8540 {Wuzgonna, Bug a Boo, and persnickety} then 8558, {Andy's Hide A Way, Slacker Inn, Smooth Sailing, & Rigmarole. {See enclosed map}

No Rv’s, no tents, & no deep fry cookers outside,


Check in time is 2:00-3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival, check-out time 10:00 to 11:00 am on day of departure In the event you arrive early please allow our maids to finish their job.. Please leave the place as you have found it. See maps for grocery stores and other points of interest at the cottage.  

PARKING: There is a small strip of land between our properties that is not owned by us, this is to the right of the drive way as you drive into the property at 8540 West Silver lake Road, {Wuzgonna’, Bug A Boo, and ‘Persnickety’} or to the left as you drive into the parking area at 8532 West Silver lake {’Putzen’, Lolleygaggen’ and ‘Diddlysquat’ please, do not park there. If you are confused as to where to park wait for me to find you…..and show you

Some helpful links to area information:             


**NOTE; By accepting this transaction, you do hereby agree to our cancelation policy which states; you are responsible for the gross rental rate, or the entire amount and not just the initial payment/deposit, however, we will refund your monies if we can re-rent your week, minus $200. We are not required to do this, and you should understand that the earlier we learn of your intent to cancel the better our chances are that we will be able to re-rent your week.

In the event you do not agree to this policy please call us within 72 hours of this confirmation.

Please call 616-550-3131 should you have any problem with this transaction…THANKS!


Great for the dune buggy boys. Click the “UNIT MAP” to see a map of the dunes.

It is the intent of the owners to see to it that we run a clean and ‘party free’ environment for families. We will do all we can to assure that each of our guests have an enjoyable experience. Please keep our other guests and your neighbors in mind.

The cottages on Silver Lake are adjacent to each other except one other cottage which is between 8540 and 8558 W. Silver Lake Cottages. {A light tan cottage called “Our Cottage” which is not our property, please stay off} They are all between the State Park campgrounds and town and all have shared waterfront with campfire pits, and docks.

INTIAL_____ You may bring your own personal watercraft and boats and leave them moored at one of our mooring buoys, by signing this document you agree to hold us harmless, we provide these buoys only as a convenience, we do not guarantee the security of your boat, jet ski etc while tied to these buoys Do not tie up to the docks, {in this shallow sandy bottom lake, boats can tear and twist the docks out of the water especially during inclement weather.

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There will be a waiver of liability to sign for any boat rentals (pontoons, kayaks, rowboats) Reserve ahead for the week or see our staff for daily rental. 

The cottages all have gas grills, TV's, VCR or DVD players or combos, full kitchens, books, and games and beach frontage and boat mooring and fire pits. There is a sandy play area along each waterfront site. 

The cottages and some photos can be viewed online at

Each cottage share the waterfront, but there is almost always a free fire


Pit with no one around, or take the boat and go to the dunes for your nightly       

Fire., {look for American Flag} please take only what your arms can carry, this way we can keep fires within the manageable area, unattended fires get doused. Fires that get too large cannot get easily put out and excess water makes for a difficult

Start the next night. I recommend a fake fire log to start your fires. Parking; we ask that you load and unload only on the two-track dirt road that bisects the lots that the cabins, we allow only about 10 minutes on Saturdays only, for this activity, we built three large parking areas behind the cottages this way everyone can enjoy unobstructed views of the water 

And sunsets. {Cars and Trucks left longer than 10 minutes will be asked to move, or get towed} only those vehicles that have been approved by us are allowed on the premises. {There will be mirror permits that must remain on your mirror while staying with us …please!} Any and all unregistered vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense. All vehicles, including boats, and all trailers must vacate the premise by 12:00AM on your check out day. 


Things that you should think about bringing are: roller blades or bicycles, water floats, and sand toys. There are blankets, pillows and comforters for all the beds. 


DAMAGE/RESERVATION DEPOSIT- A damage/reservation deposit of $500 is charged to your credit card. |In the event your credit card will not honor the additional charge; we will pursue our legal and equitable remedies against you. Upon arrival. The deposit is NOT applied toward rent; however, it is fully
refundable within (14) days of departure, provided the following provisions
are met.
a. No damage is done to unit or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear.
b. No charges are incurred due to contraband, pets or collection of rents or
services rendered during the stay.
c. All debris, rubbish and discards are placed in dumpster, and soiled
dishes are placed in the dishwasher and cleaned. One load of laundry is
d. All keys are left on the kitchen table and unit is left unlocked.
e. All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure.
f. No linens or any of the owner’s property are lost or damaged.
g. NO Early check-in or late check-out.
h. Parking passes are left inside the unit upon departure.
I. The renter is not evicted by the owner (or representative of the owner), but by the local law enforcement.

Bring your linens for all of our cottages {this does not include the vacation homes} {sheets, top sheets, pillow cases}

*******We will start you out with TP and Paper Towels and garbage bags, but we expect you to get your own for the week. *******

 Our kitchens are completely stocked, with dishes, glasses cups, coffee makers, pots, pans, grills, stoves, microwave, silverware, etc. {we cannot guarantee that we will have everything you have at home}

Should you have the need to check emails, there is an internet café a few doors away at the bakery/ice cream store that has WI_FI” internet service.

We have every hope of having email WI-FI connect for our guests {in 2007}

Initial_______ Our refund policy is to refund you deposit minus $100for administrative fees if we are able to re-rent the cottage for your reserved time. We will do all we can to re-rent your cottage, but we can by no means guarantee it.



A FEW "DO NOTS"     

Be cognizant, considerate, and nice to our neighbors, and note the map enclosed as to where our property starts and stops, STAY OFF THE NEIGHBORS PROPERTY!!

Do not park in front of cottagesexcept to load and unload, {10 minutes tops, strictly enforced} we have built new parking areas behind the cottages so as not to obstruct your views, and the views for our other guests.

Do not smoke in our cottage, {smoking in the cottages will get you an invitation to leave} please put butts out thoroughly, and dispose of properly or be prepared to pay for damages.

Do not bring your pets! {You will be required to vacate the premises, and pay for damages}

Do not have load music, or excessive noise after 10:00PM

Do not bring a friend to stay the week without being prepared to pay $200 a night for the extra guest! Do not store anything like coolers and bikes etc out front of the cottages, {place them around back or put them inside} we like our cottages to look nice all the time!

Only the original guests or those arriving on check in day are allowed on the property during the week, same with vehicles and trailers, there will be no switching out.

We have agreed to visitors for a day at the cottage [about -0- people} please be cognizant of our other guests at “: Lolleygaggen” and Diddlesquat”

**Initial________ Do not unload your ATV’S motorcycles, or other dune toys from trailers, do not rev the engines or work on these toys while on our property, this is strictly enforced. {No exceptions} you will be required to vacate the premises and pay damages.


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We reserve the right to demand you vacate subject premise for breaking the law, {INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMTED TO UNDERAGE DRINKING} or any of the rules mentioned herein.

A Few Do's

Do enjoy your stay with us!

Do find time to say something nice to every family member,

Do practice patience with all family members

Do swim in Lake Michigan, at least once!

Do walk to get Ice Cream every night across the street to Bubba Q’s! 

Do walk in the dunes, climb

Do Race the go-carts

Do take a kid fishing, {if your kid has not been fishing before, we will give you a free row boat and gear to take him, you buy the worms, under the age of 12}

Do hike the dunes, and climb ‘Razor Back’

Do take a dune buggy ride from Mac’s dunes.

Do check out the sunsets every night, on the beach!

Do go golfing at one of the 4 great area golf courses

Do check out the Pirate Cove Excursion for kids, {12 and under}

Robert will take your kids across the lake to the horribly scary Pirates Cove to look for treasure. {Robert will bury this treasure prior to the excursion in a treasure chest. You provide the loot, money, jewelry or what

Ever} we will mark the area with arrow sticks and “X” marks the spot sticks. Great fun, especially for parents and Grandparents!

Pirates Cove consists of an old lien too camp where pirates have been known to stay in the summer. {Time and weather permitting}

{This is a pro-bono trip contingent on Roberts’s time}

By signing below:we do hereby understand that the boat rentals are a separately owned entity and is not operated by

***Initial_____ the above named renters/guests do further agree to allow “Cottages on silver, to debit their credit card {or in lieu there-of to keep the deposit check} in the event of damage’s} due to negligence.

Phones & Cell Phones: We have a pay phone at the laundry, but only Nextel’s & VERIZEN work in the Silver Lake area,

Initial ____ We reserve the right to enter any of our properties in the event of emergency, and/or to do a head count to be sure that occupancies are not exceeded, and that there are no pets in the premises. Exceeding max head counts



Will result in us charging your card $200 for each extra person, per night {even for one night} A pet found on/in the premise will result in eviction from the premise & a fine of

$500 or more if there is additional damage, {other than dog hair etc...}    

{Please leave cottage unlocked upon your departure}


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**       Initial Waiver of Liability: The below mentioned tenants do here by agree to hold the owners of subject property harmless for any injuries or death that happens while staying with us. Further, we are not responsible for lost or stolen property that belongs to our tenants.

Cancellation Policy; In the event you cancel, and we are not able to secure a new tenant for your contacted week, we cannot refund.


****          INTIAL By signing below you are authorizing us the right to charge your credit card for any negligent use or destruction of our property, Real Estate, furnishing’s, or anything else that is broken due to carelessness or abuse and or negligence.

We reserve the right to demand any of the registered guests vacate subject properties, for drunk and disorderly or underage drinking, negligence or misuse of our cottages, for any reason we deem necessary. Please have all guests sign this agreement that are staying in this cottage, on the attached page.

****Initialed ______Watercraft moorings: In the event you use one of our moorings for your water craft you agree to hold us harmless. These mooring are supplied a courtesy and are not guaranteed to be safe or effective in holding your watercraft

Do not enter the property without written and initialed copy of this contract. If you don’t have one, or left yours at home, please wait outside till we bring you a contract to sign

Please let us know what we can do to better serve you...




Must be signed & all the above indicated areas initialized, prior to entering our properties, we will pick up from you prior to checking into our property.



Responsible Tenant, Guest, signing on behalf of all those occupying the cottage


Responsible Tenant, Guest; signing on behalf of all those occupying the cottage

Thanks, Robert Ortman


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