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The State Park at Little Sable Light house, which is open to the public
many time thru out the summer. is just 10 minutes from our  properties. There are two large expanses of awesome beach

Take your 4-wheeler to the dunes all the way to the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan

The left 1/3 is leased to Mac's Dune Rides, the middle 1/3 is dedicated to the walking public
the right 1/3 is available to ride your ATV or SUV, or any 4-wheeler

Take a trip to Pirates cove, real pirates live there, so don't get caught!

Dune stump

Anji's drivers test

Afternoon on the dunes

Putzen, in the middle

Apple Fest

'Cat' on silver

A-Typical sunset

Razor Back

Persnickety, Wuzgonna, Bug a Boo

Lolleygaggen, Diddlysquat, Putzen

Silver Sunset

Silver Lake Creek

Winter on the dunes
...and people say we don't know how to have fun!
Fishin is awesome and we know were they hide, don't we Anji!
Trek the dunes from Silver Lake all the way to Lake Michigan, see some very cool terrain, ask  Robert for a day hike!
OH! I see your more the sit down  kind of vacation person fine,  got cha covered, take a Mac Dunes Ride..real fun even for you kids...{ok, Grandpa and Grandma too}
Canoe beautiful Silver Lake Creek,
an easy paddle to the dam, {about 20 minutes from launch} then  walk the creek the rest of the way to  Lake Michigan.  We have nets, let the kids chase the minnows, have someone meet you at the beach!
Little Sable Light House
This historic light house guards ship from running aground, even today sailors can see it for miles, a comforting light in the darkness. Little Sable is open to the public many times thru out the summer and its also part of Robert's guided photo tour.
Lots of fun shopping, and eating, in 'Downtown Silver Lake'
Awesome barn in Mears
Silver Lake Channel
This little ankle deep sandy bottom creek empties into
Lake Michigan, its very warm and flowing, kids play in it
all day, 10 minutes from the cottages!
This our 'Manitou' 18' with a top and a small 28 horse Johnson,
great ole boat
Silver Lake Channel
Don't miss what fall at Silver lake has to offer
Milk weed bud
Please don't send off mylar balloons, we dump 100's of these
in the spring.
Fun on the dunes
Swan on Silver
Trek the dunes to Lake Michigan and ride the dune cars back,
ask Robert about our 1/2 day Eco trips, take your camera
kids camp 2008
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